Damascus is an intertwined network of creators supporting the same unifying message throughout the world: We are all connected.

What is a Creator? 

A Creator is anyone that is pursuing their gifted passion to improve or build within their scope of reality. Mostly to help, grow and connect with other like minded spirits. 

Our philosophy is "Create with us." Our goal is to have the brand ecosystem made up of people that are passionate about creating the greatest and most enjoyable things our world has to offer, with the most of it to us, being music and production that revolves around the electronic culture movement that is happening right now.

We want people to wear and see our brand and be able to recognize others wearing it easily, connect and feel like they know the person, just because they share the same love, goals and have an open understanding of everything that we (as mankind) consist of.

Do you sponsor? 

Yes, but sponsorships are very limited. Please be as detailed as possible when submitting information, galleries, videos, etc.