What is Damascus Apparel?

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Damascus is an intertwined network of creators supporting the same unifying message throughout the world: We are all connected.

Our philosophy is "Create with us." The soul of any brand, culture, or community is defined by the people that are within it. Our energy is being spent on developing an ecosystem that attracts creators through the entire range within our understandable reality. We feel if you have tapped into your flow and are sharing it with the world, you are a creator. “Create with us” can be extended to [say] “Create this universe with us, a universe that is comprised of people that have tapped into how powerful, passionate, and talented they truly are.

We are not about going against the grain, being rebellious or anti-establishment. We are about understanding how powerful we all truly are, how gifted you really are...and how our reality is determined by the micro decisions we make daily and goals we drive ourselves towards. These small tests of will - practiced habitually are what make a 'Creator'...and sure enough, Creators recognize this strength in others. We gravitate towards each other naturally. This is what a brand or culture is made of. People supporting the same unifying message and growing together. 

"What can we say to convince you to take all of your boundaries down - to stop limiting what you believe can be yours? If there is anything we wish to achieve, it is to have each of you boundless and free, knowing that every thought you entertain somehow determines your experience." -Barbara Marciniak

Damascus Apparel

Downtown San Diego, CA

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