The Damascus Connector v1.0 - Articles by WRAITH

The world around us is moving fast. Distractions are everywhere and for us, it's becoming increasingly harder to stay focused on what truly matters. We get consumed with ourselves.....The brands' social media, our marketing goals, our special releases, our events and what we have planned to do. Of course our messages are embedded throughout all of that, but it's just not enough.

How can we get even more personal without being invasive? How can we strengthen the message and continue to grow together, without selling a product or advertisement? Can the time we are already spending on ourselves be of any use to others? What information are we gathering that can be spread or useful to others? 

The Damascus Connector

We hope, to answer those questions with our series of posts all on varying topics that will be shared here and through e-mail. As often as possible we will be putting together content that we feel is uplifting, informal and sometimes just interesting or worth praising.

We even have some creator interviews coming and have teamed up with our friend Richard Romay, ( producer title WRAITH - ) to share with us the latest in innovative tech, useful articles and apps. 

Often this content won't seem interesting or fit for you, We all are different. We all have a lot going on in our lives and the last thing we need is just more stuff to ingest. These readings should serve as random refreshers or supplemental tidbits to stay connected to the Damascus brand and hopefully enrich our experience with others. 

Let's start: For our first post - our friend WRAITH has been putting together a list of useful or interesting articles that we feel will help aid you on your journey. These are all mostly focused on recent Tech, Self-Help, Softwares and Social media


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    Awesome shares. Been paging through them the last couple days. Excited to see where the Connector goes from here!

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