Paint it Red – Live Now Die Never piece

Who doesn’t love Montana spray paint? I remember the first time I ever tried spray painting up on the back of a 4×8 board from The Home Depot..5 years ago….a big huge “damascus” in ugly fat round text. It was bad. I had no idea what I was doing…and still kinda don’t.

I printed this out and framed it as a 24×36 inch poster..unfortunately I forgot to improve the quality settings on the designjet.

The shirt we printed is on American Apparels’ white Poly Cotton tank. The actual print itself is red / black water based ink with 2 13 x 17 inch prints.

..After everything we have the final product. Which in our opinion came out gloriously.

You can buy one here if you want.

Rollup – Flosstradamus ( Baaur Remix)

…found a picture:


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