80’s Pyramid Tank – Who, What, When, Where, Why?

Random Fact about Josh and I: We love tumblr and everything that comes from tumblr. Sexy pictures, lions, zombies, jewelry, food, idk…random shit….but mostly sexy pictures. In early June I wandered into a tumblr that does a flawless job in presenting artwork and photography from the 80s.

It can be found here.

A trend that cycled a few years back is the 80s style shiny letters ( that I recently have been copying ) and outer space futuristic stuff. The 80s touch had a huge hand in the influence of this piece below.

This shirt will always hold a place in my heart, it has the whole pyramid thing going on and the custom type has been used in different areas around this line. We printed the piece on American Apparels’ white poly cotton tank – with 3 water based inks for a soft hand. Sewn hem tags and silkscreened size tag on the inside of the shirt.

There you have it – the final product – we took a picture of Cody on top of this building downtown next to ours.

If you guys like the shirt it can be purchased here.

The majestic track below is none other than Perseus.. He’s a 90s throwback sounding boss.


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