Damascus Apparel San Diego take-over tour

The fiber of a clothing brand is just the people who are apart of it. Culture. Community. Art. Involvement. A few weeks ago we decided to create a “what is Damascus Apparel” 2 minute style video that shows what we’ve been up to. The events we have put together, the clubs we have taken over and the random stuff that goes on in our world. The video is made up 8 events that take place over the course of 6 weeks, leading up to the Electric Daisy Carnival. We named the tour the “San Diego Take-Over tour”.

When we first started as a service based apparel co, our job was to take a brand, it’s goal and develop merchandise that connected with their audience. We still do that, but as time passed we’ve become a bit more selective with the type of clients we work with. Recently it has been the movers and shakers in the edm area…Labels, clubs, artists and promotional companies, because this is the area that we love and want to be apart of. Our tour is mostly filmed in this area. The video is due to release a week before EDC.

We brought on board film crew “Videology HD” and our in-house photographer Michael Franke to capture everything.

The Growing Posse Vol.7 (Mixed by LEGiT) by Damascus Apparel

We will be posting all updates / galleries from the events.


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