Damascus Apparel Takeover Tour 2014 video

A few months ago we decided to create a “what is Damascus Apparel” 3 minute style video that shows what we have been up to. The events we have put together, the clubs we have taken over and the random stuff that goes on in our world. The video is made up 6 events that took place over the course of 6 weeks. We named the tour the “San Diego Take-Over tour” the nature of our events felt like the brand took over the club it was hosting it’s events at.

Film / Production by: @VideologyHD
Film Assistance by: Ryan Ros ( Organized Grime )
Photography by: Michael Franke / Rapid Eye Photo / Kevin Longwell

Special thanks to: Bassmnt, Barwest, Spin and U31 and Brandon Patterson Racing

Song used: Boaz van de Beatz – No Way Home (feat. Mr. Polska & Ronnie Flex)


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