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A couple months ago we were approached by San Diego event production team Amplified Access to partner with them on an event at San Diego House of Blues that featured artsts Keys N Krates, Gladiator and Thugli….with those artists falling under our ‘absofuckinglutely love’ category, we had to say yes…..and got right to work.

The premise of the event was that we took it over like our past events, the only difference is we didn’t want to focus on decorating the venue, which is what typically happens. House of Blue’s is already beautiful, with famous artwork everywhere and legendary building / art styles all over the place. We wanted to create an experience that was built within the people attending the event – that provided a sense of unity and also strengthened the spirit among everyone as it took place.

We created custom multi-functional facemasks and headbands just for the event ( photos below ) – that were given to every attendee that arrived with a ticket. Aside from that we brought in Danielle Holcomb and her partner make up artists to paint the attendees faces with black ink. For anyone that wanted it done.

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This article isn’t an event breakdown, but a showcase of behind the scene photos that San Diego based photographer Kevin Longwell shot throughout the day and night of the House of Black.

Here’s a word from Kevin:

Community, Creativity, & consciousness are three fundamental marks that every soul has stranded in their DNA. Finding one’s self using the programming of ones inner being is just the start of what it takes to open the boundaries of reality and awaken your mind to further understanding. Following this path is only possible by obtaining a sense of peace and understanding of what it is to be an individual.

Driven not by the hype of what is flooded down the main stream but by the curiosity of being unique in a collective effort Damascus Apparel gains not a fan-base, but family that is invited to “Create with us”.

It’s a warm Friday afternoon in San Diego and today supporters of bass music flood social media about the events that are about to take place over the next 12 hours. Tonight the collective has taken the audacity to put its mark on a venue with a legendary history of music and transform it’s soul. Meet “House Of Black” – An experimental project to decorate the attendees and not just the venue.

An hour before the event after making sure everything was set up and ready at the venue, Nate returns back to the Damascus warehouse to make one last post on social media alerting everyone it’s “1 hour until go time”.
Nate Khouli working on Damascus Apparel

A lovely SoCal couple posing in the warehouse before heading to the venue.
damascus apparel manga girl

Keys N Krates team getting the stage ready before doors open – They had mounted infinite LED mirrors with high powered lasers on mounted poles above the mirrors.
house of blues san diego damascus apparel

From left to right you see production manager of Spin night club, Team No Sleep founder / Damascus family Legit and Somewhere loud Stage manager and Team sponsored DJ/Producer Gorilla Disko outside the Damascus warehouse before loading in at the venue. The rave tank and Silence your Fears tee can be purchased by clicking here > http://damascusapparel.com/shop/
david renn legit damascus apparel

Teresea Craven from C’rave’n WEAR is responsible for the customization of promo wear for all of our most recent events. We provide her the pieces finished and then she works on customizing them by cutting and tying to add an even further limited touch. Her facebook page can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Craven-WEAR/148907098554823
teresea custom fashion damascus apparel

dark anime damascus apparel

dmcs hat damascus apparel

A shot of one of the screens inside the Damascus Apparel warehouse – A lot of the pieces are made specially to order and ran as limited editions for special events – Here is one of their most purchased designs. Silence your Fears.
silence your fears screen damascus apparel

We are all connected.
damascus apparel custom face mask

Damascus family and founder of Team No Sleep playing a set, getting everyone warmed up for the evening. Around 60-70 people showed up at the warehouse before walking down to the actual event. The warehouse got loud and packed, which created an even stronger energy upon arrival.
damascus apparel smiley face logo

The facemasks that were produced for everyone attending the event also doubled as tops. Here you see Model / Dancer Kelsey before event time.

Sam – head of Sunblock Media. Him and his team are amazing – their task was to capture the essence of Damascus with their incredible filming.


Loralee Rose ( @dimepiecebarbie ) a model and supporter of Damascus stands outside the warehouse before heading to House of Blues.



No sleep outside the venue.



Bianca ( @glitteryskullz ) organized an official Damascus twerk team for House of Black. The theme was sexy twerk robots – they used black paint to turn their limbs into a robot resemblance.


The twerkin was even going down backstage.



The beautiful twerk team assembled inside House of Blues. They were running around the venue everywhere interacting with the people – typically you just see the dancers on stage, for House of Black it was more intimate, they were found dancing and mingling all over the place the entire evening.







Here is a shot from the bottom floor of Gladiator playing a set for a sold out venue. The energy was un-real.




Another shot from the back bar hitting the crowd before a drop – Gladiator’s set was insane.



The headlining act of the night was legend trio Keys N Krates – They produce masterpieces and then re-create them live with a keyboard/synth, controllers and drum set. Here you see a shot of David Matisse opening the act. It was a set that will never be forgotten.

Coming to an end – the whole experience contained an energy that will be hard to replicate in any club to come. The timing, community, venue and artists all meshed together perfectly to create a unique aura that only people sitting in the center can take away with them. A group of people coming together to create a new experience for others to enjoy, not only provides a good time, but creates a connection throughout the community…which money cannot buy.

Creating this connection is what Damascus is providing not only with its events, but within its clothing.

Thanks for reading.

Special thanks to Amplified Access and EventVibe

Intro words / Photography by Kevin Longwell
Intro and Photography description by Nate Khouli

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