Win a Damascus Festival Flag and un-released shirt package

One of our favorite music festivals to attend in the USA is the Electric Daisy Carnival, Las Vegas. It’s massive. Humongous. Surreal. The combination of Environment, time of year, people and production provides this fairy-tale-like experience that’s impossible to replicate. This year for EDC we are working around the clock to make sure all of our artist collabs are available, all of our product is stocked and all of our surrounding/build-up events are filled with giveaways and unique interactive experiences.

Aside from that we are also scheduling a “People of Silk and Steel” meet-up, Friday night at MIDNIGHT outside of the Basspod stage.

Before the event takes place, we decided to give everyone the chance to win one of our new Festival flags that will be represented for the first time ever, inside the Electric Daisy Carnival.

The flag is 5ft x 3ft and comes with everything you need to fly it high! Entering is simple, enter our contest on the Facebook page ( ) or enter on our instagram ( ) The winner will be announced Monday June 15th and the flag will ship out immediately after the winner is announced.

See photos of what you’ll win below:

We will shortly be posting more details about the EDC meetup!

Photo contribution by San Diego based photographer TIGERDIV. ( Link here: )


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Casey Lee Osborne


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