Damascus Creators project: 100 graphics to make 1 shirt

It's time to mix things up a bit and get more of us involved. 100 of us to be exact. 

We want to try and make a piece that has a bit of everyone in it. A shirt that reveals the diversity in us all while at the same time displaying our similarities and likeness. 

The idea is to take the first 100 submitted graphics and use them all to make 1 shirt design. The graphic can be anything that you're feelin.

( minus some rules included below ) 

Once all of the designs are submitted ( using the form below ), we will review everything, then meld the designs together to make 1 crazy chaotic piece that represents The People of Silk & Steel. 

Rules ( important ): 

  • Must be submitted 500x500 px on a black background
  • jpg, png ( transparent background ), vector file types only accepted 
  • Only white can be used with no gradients or shading ( halftones are ok ) 
  • No copyright material including logos and slogans unless you own the rights
  • No racism
  • No slandering or demeaning of any kind
  • Only first 100 approved graphics will be used
  • File size must be under 2mb
  • No designs submitted outside of the form below will be accepted

We will notify all approved submissions via personal e-mail once approved. 

All used graphics from each of the 100 creators will be noted on the Damascus official site once released. 

The contest will end as soon as the 100th graphic is accepted. 

Feel free to share with any other creators that might want to be apart of this experimental project. We are excited to see where this goes! Cheers! 

**UPDATE 5/1 - 100 Submissions have been received. Reviewing now and sending out notification email in next 48 hours.** 


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James Blackmore

Hi guys,
I had to submit twice as I don’t think one of my graphics met the requirements so I went and turned it into a 500 × 500 vectorised png with the background removed. I hope having to submit twice doesn’t effect my overall submission?

Tannis Ramirez

My first submission was the wrong one… Use my second one if I get selected :)


By far the best graphics and clothing I have ever worn.

David Renn

We are all connected!

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